Sunday Smörgåsbord: January 25, 2015

Here’s a smörgåsbord of what I wrote this week:

Monday’s post was my most popular to date, on the things not to say to migraineurs and other chronic-pain patients. The rest of the week I tackled bilingualism in the U.S., Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, being real and genuine in the classroom, and the intersection of disability and race as it applies to school discipline.

I had class this weekend in Boise, which was simultaneously stimulating and frustrating. I started my Spanish class, too. It’s going to be a busy semester. My goal is to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week; Tuesday and Thursday will be bonus posts. But since I have so many words in my brain, so far I’ve had no problem writing five posts a week. With as many intersections as I encounter in a week, I’m really not surprised.

Coming this week will be posts on setting boundaries and power in relationships.


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