Sunday Smörgåsbord: February 1, 2015

Yesterday wrapped up my first month of blogging. That is just a little bit odd for me, as I never thought I’d have as much to write as I have to write.

That’s not true. I am full of words–a writer trapped in the body of a theatre kid. I just didn’t know if I’d find the time to write. I make the time. No one is surprised.

Here are my posts from the past week. If you like one (or all) of them, please share them. I write for myself, yes, but I also want to have conversations. Discourse is the heart of change!

  • On Monday I covered my frustration with abled persons seeing my students’ disabilities as an invitation to ask prying questions. Their hearing aids and wheelchairs are not a signal to be rude or intrusive.
  • On Tuesday my students went skiing and snowboarding, and I posted a video of our Adaptive Ski and Snowboard Club.
  • Wednesday’s and Friday’s posts focused on the challenges of setting boundaries between home and work, and between myself and the parents I serve in my job of teaching their children.
  • I also posted my reflections on Homecoming dress-up days, and how themed activities can both inadvertently reinforce simplistic thinking about historical eras, and demonstrate our privilege and insensitivity regarding current events affecting the community of persons with disabilities.
  • And, on Saturday, I avoided doing my writing by writing a blog post about how much writing I had to do.

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