Sunday Smörgåsbord: February 8, 2015

This was a long week. Roller derby? Check. Migraine? Check. Home visit? Check. Sixteen hours of class crammed into a weekend? Check. As we say back home: Uffda.

Here’s what I wrote during the aforementioned long week:

  • On Sunday I hit my first of many detours to getting back on skates after a year of chronic migraine, so, naturally, Migraine Monday’s post was all about the slowness of bouncing back after an extended illness. I wish I was a super-bounce bouncy ball. I am not. This is often discouraging.
  • On Tuesday I submitted my application for a summer writing workshop, and I posted my writing sample for all to read. As of yesterday, my mom hadn’t even read it, so obviously “all to read” is up for interpretation.
  • Wednesday I reflected on the ableist language surrounding the national conversation and debate on vaccination and the measles outbreak.
  • On Thursday I brought Wednesday’s ideas a little closer to home and shared my journey of eradicating -ist language from my vernacular. It’s harder than I expected.
  • Friday’s post is one of my favorites, because I talked about one of my favorite parts of of my job: having conversations with my students. We learn a lot during those unstructured times. It’s good stuff.

Please please please share any or all of these posts, share my Facebook page, and comment when I post. A big part of why I decided to start blogging is to write on a regular basis about the areas I am covering in grad school, how it applies to everyday life, and how I see it in action in my own teaching. My writing will improve more quickly if we can have conversations. I accept feedback and criticism, as long as it’s respectful. No trolls, please; I am not one of the Billy Goats Gruff.


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