Sunday Smörgåsbord: February 22, 2015

It’s still technically Sunday, so please don’t be mad. I’m sore and tired, and I skated today. I got a medal. And by medal, I mean a wheel painted with gold glitter. Yay, me!

The week’s posts, in the order in which they appeared:

  • The Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Lock-Up fundraisers employ problematic themes and language in the name of fundraising. I covered this on Tuesday, and by that afternoon, my tweets annoyed them enough they blocked me on Twitter.
  • On Wednesday, I talked about the racist, aggressive fan response to the movie American Sniper, and how uncritical acceptance of the narrative is damaging to students who are Muslim or of Middle-Eastern ethnicity.
  • I kept it short on Thursday, with a 350-word blurb about the NYT dressing up tabloid journalism as a “think piece” on trans acceptance.
  • Friday’s post was about adaptations, accommodations, and creating accessible spaces.

With that, my week draws to a close. May tomorrow bring us a week of new challenges and new progress.


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