Sunday Smörgåsbord: March 1, 2015

Sunday is upon us again. I didn’t write as many posts this week as I normally write. The energy I typically put into five posts I funneled into the Fit Friday post, which is the first of a five-part series. It required a lot of personal excavation and a lot more external reading than most of my posts, so I had to sacrifice blog quantity for quality.

  • On Migraine Monday, I shared a somewhat amusing anecdote to illustrate the idea that past hurts create a context in which we may misinterpret current situations. Because I had been hurt by people in my past, I thought a person in my present said something hurtful, when in fact she hadn’t. Oops.
  • Wednesday’s post helped me gear up for…
  • Fit Friday, Part 1 of 5. I began to explain the reasons I quit a popular fitness/diet program from BeachBody because I started to identify the ways it was triggering disordered behaviors in me and other participants. I offer examples of an alternative approach that centers on self-care and healthfulness. As I continue, I hope to shed light on why this matters in my work in the K-12 setting, and why it matters more broadly within the context of intersectional feminism.

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