Sunday Smörgåsbord: April 5, 2015


It’s my birthday. I am 30 today. And since I spend the rest of my life doing ALL THE THINGS, I decided to spend my birthday doing as much nothing as possible. Hence the lateness of my usual Sunday blog.

My birthday included the following activities: Easter church service, a small lunch of roasted asparagus, a trip to the store for some provisions, eating half a pint of the most amazing butter pecan gelato ever, doing my taxes, eating the rest of the gelato, taking a nap, getting the best most ginormous buckwheat pancake at the local 24-hour diner (I brought my own maple syrup), coming home, putting on my PJs. My roommate’s parents are visiting this week, so he has his kids an extra week, too. I have a full house and a fully belly and a full heart. The first day of 30 has been perfect.

My writing from the previous week was thus:

  • Internalized Audism in the d/Deaf community was the topic of my post on Monday, as I follow the unfolding situation with sComm and their (dangerous and ableist) marketing of the UbiDuo device. I will write more on the topic of audism, since this is my field, and I there is a lot here to unpack…
  • On Tuesday I shared my email to my graduate advising committee–the perfect blend of professional passion, idealistic angst, and carefully places swears. By way of update, all three members have given tentative approval of the change to my degree plan.
  • On Wednesday I shared the ongoing saga of my right ear, and what happened when I went to the ENT for some relief from the recurring stabbing pain I experience. It’s a man’s world out there, which sucks because half the world’s population aren’t men. Also my ear still hurts.
  • Friday brought part 5 of 5 of my series on Beachbody’s 21-Day Fix program, and how I have seen it perpetuate body shaming as part of a larger problem of pervasive disordered thinking.

This week will leave little room for my preferred brand of procrastination. Gah! Here goes…


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