Sunday Smörgåsbord: May 17, 2015

Syttende Mai!!!

(That’s May 17, for you non-Norwegian folk. Norway’s Constitution Day. Also, for you non-Swedish folk, a Smörgåsbord is literally a “sandwich board,” or a buffet, as we use the term in the States. So my Sunday summaries are a buffet of the Ampersandwich)

I am DONE with my first year of graduate school. I have but two weeks left of my seventh year of teaching at the school for the deaf. And what a year it’s been…

More on that later. For now, what a week it’s been… rather, two weeks:

  • Last Monday was my first day back after being sick for far too long. I wrote about being sick, and how having a treatable (and treated) chronic condition does not mean the condition no longer exists. Forgetting that fact likely contributed to the length of my illness (I’m still mad that I spent my favorite month of the year with bronchitis).
  • The following Friday, I discussed the sexism embedded in the (seeming) vast majority of K12 dress codes.
  • Next up: the double discomfort of puberty, while being unable to fully discuss it with your parents because of communication barriers.  What may be considered TMI in most classrooms is considered basic life-skills instruction in my classroom–I showed my student where I stash my tampons, and that I have hell-raising cramps, too.
  • Idaho makes headlines (again) because a school district is facing a challenge to a novel in the curriculum (again). I have words.
  • Finally, my take on standardized testing as it applies to my population, and what meaningful progress documentation really looks like for my kiddos. The kind that builds up and encourages rather than shames and discourages.

Seven teaching days left. So many words to write. Onward.


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