Fit Friday: My Grammy Moves It

I’ve written about my grammy before.

My grammy’s name is Ila. She was born in 1921, which makes her 93½ years old. There is a lot I could say about what she’s seen and done in those years. But right now, today, I am going to show you what she is doing in this second half of her ninety-fourth year, in this video my cousin recorded this week: my grammy showing her great-granddaughter “Roo” the exercises she does every morning.

Movement and exercise and activity that is sustainable and enjoyable is worth doing. My grammy has been a member of TOPS for over 30 years and has taken care of her body and her health with regular check-ups, sensible food, lots of laughter, and help from her family when she needs it.

She has experienced her share of physical pain, sickness, and limitation, but she has found movement that she can accomplish. Her body is a good body.

All bodies are good bodies.


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