April Showers

Writing Workshop Application Redux

I submitted my application for the Women Writing workshop at the Collegeville Institute. Eek. I guess if I ever want to be noticed or published, I need to get used to submitting my work for acceptance/rejection. Knowing me, it will never get easier and I will likely be a bit anxious every time.

I called my grammy a few times over the last few weeks to get some more details for her part of the story I submitted. I selected a chapter from my in-progress book April Showers called “The Dead Chicken Chapter.” It’s about a chicken. That died. And some other stuff, too. Because symbolism.

Now it’s time to wait… I am not good at waiting.


Writing Workshop Application

This month will mark the first time I’m voluntarily submitting my writing for acceptance/rejection. I’ve decided to apply for an intensive writing workshop for women at the Collegeville Institute in Minnesota. It’s specifically for women writing non-fiction prose, which is the genre of my current book project. It falls during the time I’ve traditionally gone home to visit my family back in North Dakota, and I have my timeline set up to be done with my first draft by my thirtieth birthday in April. This just seems like it fits.

I will be submitting a chapter from my book, titled “The Dead Chicken Chapter,” as my writing sample. I’ll post an excerpt here soon; it tells the story of my chickens and my divorce, and the story of my grandmother inadvertently killing a number of her family’s fowl during the Depression as a parallel tale. I’m quite proud of it.

Applications are due February 2nd; I will post a selected excerpt after that date. Mark your calendars!

Until then, please enjoy this chapter, which I shared on my personal Facebook page on what would have been my grandparents’ 72nd anniversary (three months after grandpa died).